A team qualified and trained to offer entertainment and security in the activity and outdoor environments.

Canyoning guides.

Mountain guides.

Activities in the natural environment.

Aquatic lifeguards.


Prevention of occupational risks.


Guides entered in the register of the Catalan Council of Sport, registration number 016231


Mountain Sports in Tarragona

We offer a quality service, with experience and qualifications. We are passionate about the mountains, the discovery of the environment and sport in the natural environment, and seek to transmit knowledge to enjoy these spaces and values for respect.

Training, experience and qualifications of the guides are essential to provide good management of the activity and safety in achieving this.

As well as the qualifications, we comply with the rules on aspects of accident coverage concerning the contracted activity.

Equipment is in perfect conditions to develop the activities properly. Comfort and features.

We have the necessary logistics to offer a quality service and to allow the activity to develop properly.

You could have the pictures of the activity undertaken, memories of the outdoor environment and experiences.

Acquire knowledge for the sport formats specifically to allow you to enjoy it safely, progress in experience and available resources.